Meet Tony and his dogs Dexter & Boris

Hello, I’m Tony, and I train guide dogs, assistance dogs, puppies and adult dogs in Trafford and Cheshire. I’ve helped hundreds of families get more out of their relationships with their dogs using training methods that dogs enjoy.

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Effective dog training in Trafford and Cheshire with Tony Cook. Irish terrier on a loose lead.
Tony cook dog trainer with Dexter the Irish Terrier giving a dog high five in Trafford

Meet Tony

I love learning about dogs and why they do the things they do. I’ve been a professional guide dog and pet dog trainer for over 25 years. And I was the first person in the UK to train a dog to be both a hearing and guide dog for someone who was deaf and blind. 

Working with people with sensory impairments has helped me develop training techniques that are so simple and easy, anyone can get results.

Accredited IMDT Trainer
I’m proud to be an accredited member of the Institute for Modern Dog Trainers, promoting ethical training methods and practical skills that everyone can master.

University of Southampton tutor
Understanding dog behaviour is the key to improving that behaviour. I’ve studied canine science and work with the University of Southampton as a tutor and assessor for their Canine Assistance Intervention degree programme.

I’m a qualified Advanced Dog Trainer for Guide Dogs for the Blind; a qualified Institute of Modern Dog Trainers instructor; and I've trained dogs leading to the Kennel Club Good Citizens award recognition. 

I also have a diploma in Dog Behaviour Modification and have completed many courses including the 10 day Battersea Dogs, ‘Training the Rescue Dogs: Rehabilitation to Rehoming’ course, and many more.

Dog training in Urmston. Tony Cook training dog to touch his hand.

Tony's training methods

I use simple, science-based training methods that have been proven to work. Experience has shown me that old fashioned ideas about ‘showing a dog who’s boss’ or punishing ‘bad’ behaviour simply don’t produce long-lasting results.  

To really change your dog’s behaviour you need to communicate with them. And this comes from understanding your dog. What makes them stressed? What frightens them? What makes them feel confident, calm and rewarded?

When we understand what motivates our dogs we can work with them so they do what we want and they enjoy doing it.

Puppy school positive reinforcement training in Cheshire or Trafford. Puppies having fun.

Reward based training
The kind of training I use is sometimes referred to as ‘reward based training’ or ‘positive reinforcement training’. But you don’t need to grasp a complex theory and I don’t follow a strict rule book.

If you’re interested in the science – great! I’d love to share this with you. But if not, no worries. You can take the practical tips and keep it simple.

Training should be fun!
My philosophy is that training should be a joy, for you and your dog. In my sessions, dogs are treated with the same kindness and respect as their owners. 

Everyone is supported and if things don’t go to plan – it’s ok! We’ll laugh and learn from the mistakes.

Holistic training
The methods I teach can be taken away and applied to other situations. This isn’t just about learning one-off tricks. Once you can communicate with your dog, you can use these training methods to improve their behaviour in all aspects of your lives together.

And you’ll get reliable results that last!

Tony cook’s collection of dog behaviour and dog training theory books.

Meet Dexter and Boris

I can’t wait to meet your dog. But I’ll have to admit my heart already belongs to my two beloved terriers Dexter and Boris.

Dexter, the old man of the house, is an Irish terrier and a true friend. He struggled with reactivity when he came to us as a young dog. But through patient training, kindness and understanding, we built a relationship founded in trust and clear communication. 

It’s been an honour and a privilege to share so many happy memories with Dexter. And definitely worth the time and effort we put in with him in his early years.

Boris ‘the’ Border terrier is the youngest and bounciest member of our family. He came to us as a puppy in 2017, a cuddly ball of energy and chaos. 

The whole family’s been involved in training Boris and he’s loved every minute of it. We went from nipping ankles and puddles on the floor to reliable recall and even a few tricks in a few months and he’s still learning and developing everyday. 

Boris and Dexter, Tony Cook’s dogs, relaxing on the couch at home in Trafford.

Meet Samantha & Diago

“I was struggling with my German Shepherd puppy. He’s cute but I wasn’t prepared for the biting, chewing, chasing the children, and barking at everything! ”

Samantha & Diago the German Shepherd puppy
October 2020
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Meet Mark & Charlie

“Tony takes the time to listen. He studies you and your dog and chooses the best training for you. Tony is a great trainer who obviously understands dogs.”

Mark & Charlie the Labrador
October 2020
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Meet Jane & Nico

“Tony was fantastic in helping us to rehome our three-year-old German Shepherd, Nico. From practical tips about control and management (I also have two children under five!) to behavior strategies for issues such as barking at visitors and jumping up, he gave clear, concise advice, all based on positive reinforcement. ”

Jane & Nico the German Shepherd
November 2020
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Meet Claire and Charlie

“Hi Tony, Just wanted to say how much we both enjoyed today. I have done puppy training before but it's never been that enjoyable and positive. You brought things up no one else has before and it's reset my mind on training Charlie (and myself) we are looking forward to practicing and seeing you again. Oh and Charlie is LOVING his kong meals. Thanks again it was a pleasure.”

Claire and Charlie
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Meet Hayley and Buzz

“Buzz and I were so pleased with our first puppy training session with Tony. I got lots of great tips of how to stop Buzz from pulling on the lead, what games to play with him, what to feed him and when to give him treats. We have been practicing lots and I’m pleased to report that we are both we are both very happy with our progress.”

Hayley and Buzz
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Hello! If you’re not sure what training you need, or if you’d like to ask about my courses or anything else, just send me a message and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Can’t wait to hear about you and your dog!


These courses run frequently across Trafford and Cheshire. I’ll get back to you with available dates and locations as soon as I can.